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Industrial Cleaning, Painting and High-Performance Coatings

G.C. Zarnas & Co. Inc has over 100 years of combined experience with industrial cleaning, painting, high-performance coatings, specialty coatings, and various corrosion-resistant systems that enable us to recommend optimum solutions. We provide our clients with detailed proposals identifying the scope and schedule of the work, application systems and products, quality assurance, and safety procedures. Our field personnel—skilled in surface preparation and application techniques, including quality control and safety—follow through on every detail of your heavy-duty industrial project.

G.C. Zarnas is one of only a handful of industrial high-performance and specialty coatings applicators nationwide to have multiple Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP) certifications. AMPP is a global community of professionals dedicated to materials protection through the advancement of corrosion control and protective coatings.

“Despite design changes and a tight schedule, the management team of G.C. Zarnas has been flexible in accommodating the needs of our client, and has diligently pursued joint opportunities for improvement in executing work.”

Bechtel: Engineering, Construction and Project Management




The chemical industry is one of the United States’ largest manufacturing industries, serving both a sizable domestic market and an expanding global market. It is also one of the top exporting sectors of U.S. manufacturing. G.C. Zarnas is proud to serve this industry and to help promote our partners to “Buy American.” Companies like Dow Chemicals, and DuPont have honored G.C. Zarnas with awards for our outstanding leadership, workmanship and commitment to safety.

Food and Pharmaceutical

Pharm Food Beverage

G.C. Zarnas has been used routinely by leading-edge science and healthcare organizations such as Merck & Co., Inc., Hoffman La Roche, Wyeth-Ayerst, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Capital Health, DuPont, and M&M Mars.  Our extensive knowledge and expertise in the application of these coatings systems protect these sensitive environments which house pharmaceutical laboratories, clean and surgical rooms, and food and beverage processing areas.



The global marine coatings market is witnessing a growing consumer preference for eco-friendly products.  G.C. Zarnas has the experience to service this market’s demanding conditions and environments. Our craftspeople are mobile, capable of reaching the most remote locations. Look to Zarnas for our longshoreman capabilities in applying marine coatings to protect your customers’ assets. Our targeted markets include cargo barges, dredgers and naval vessels.


The petrochemical industry is capital intensive, and, therefore owner investment is enormous. Assets are being assaulted by corrosion and chemical attacks. In addition, safety, regulatory compliance and plant reliability are critical issues. Plant downtime is also critical. G.C. Zarnas has several maintenance contracts with major refineries across the country and works within defined maintenance outages and turnaround schedules to complete a project on time.  Companies like Philadelphia Energy Solutions recognized Zarnas for their excellence in safety performance by completing the 2015 year with “Zero” OSHA recordable injuries.

Power Generation


To help keep your plant operating without unnecessary interruptions, G.C. Zarnas is retained for our expertise in performing maintenance painting and services during routine shutdowns.  We also specialize in combined cycle units, and apply specialty coatings to several new heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs), along with tank linings, annually.  Our services on these plants also include the coatings of piping and structural steel.


Pulp and Paper

sector-pulp-paper crop

Resistance to wear within Pulp and Paper industrial processes is of utmost importance. The products processed through this machinery can be extremely abrasive and will quickly wear out the components and parts that they come in contact with. Zarnas’s experienced applicators are trained to be self-sufficient and to provide any corrosion control system that may be required at your mill’s site.


Steel crop

A little corrosion may not seem like much, but the results – inoperative equipment, increased downtime and loss of productivity – are expensive. The correct repair or replacement of damaged coatings and linings can dramatically increase the life of your company’s investment and keep your long-term costs down. G.C. Zarnas is highly experienced in the steel industry, as evident of their years of service as the in-house maintenance contractor for all of Bethlehem Steel’s operations throughout the country.

Storage Vessels

Storage Vessels crop

From water to natural gas, G.C. Zarnas has years of experience in tank linings and coating the exterior of process vessels, storage tanks, water tanks, concrete structures and chimney flues. We are continuously awarded multi-million dollar contracts to perform tank linings at many major water, power, natural gas and fueling stations to maintain their tank farms.

Increasingly, many power and gas companies are creating art out of these infrastructures so it’s attractive as well as functional.  We were proud to be a part of Baltimore Gas and Electric’s 200th anniversary, beautifying the appearance of their tank farm for their surrounding communities.

Water Treatment

Every day, your equipment is exposed to a corrosive environment. Virtually every piece of equipment and every structure needs protection. Zarnas has successfully applied corrosion-resistant exterior coatings and interior linings to structural steel, vessels, scrubbers, pipe, duct, valves, carbon filters, thickeners and clarifiers over the last five decades. Our industry leadership is the result of the full range of services and the high level of quality we provide to our customers.


Guernsey Power Plant

Guernsey Power Plant

G.C. Zarnas completed the coatings work on the newly constructed Guernsey Power Plant in Ohio, the largest natural-gas-powered facility in the United States that was built in a single phase, designed to last 30 years.  The plant is also one of the world's...

Proud to Support Fisher Tank

Proud to Support Fisher Tank

Proud to Support and Celebrate Fisher Tank's 70th Anniversary.  We are honored to paint many of their projects throughout the country! Read more about a company that continues to grow steadily, adding equipment, personnel and capabilities to its Chester fabrication...

Lehigh Heavy Forge Vital Supplier to U.S. Defense

Lehigh Heavy Forge Vital Supplier to U.S. Defense

Lehigh Heavy Forge Corporation, a subsidiary of WHEMCO Incorporated, and sole remaining super-heavy forging plant in North America, retains G.C. Zarnas for exterior painting, concrete coatings and event murals!  Zarnas applied the company's new corporate signage...

Combined Cycle Plants Select Zarnas Expertise

Combined Cycle Plants Select Zarnas Expertise

A Low Bid does not determine who wins the job!   Experience is what determines why G.C. Zarnas is the awarded painting projects at major power plants. A clean natural gas-fueled, 829-megawatt combined-cycle generating station recently selected Zarnas for their...