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A Low Bid does not determine who wins the job!   Experience is what determines why G.C. Zarnas is the awarded painting projects at major power plants. 

A clean natural gas-fueled, 829-megawatt combined-cycle generating station recently selected Zarnas for their experience power plant work.   This power plant supplies up to 1 million homes and infuses approximately $5.9 billion into the North Pennsylvania economy.

In addition to painting 2 HRZG units at each site, Zarnas applied all new construction painting to the power plant, stacks, duct work, piping, structural steel, and general plant equipment.

Most think that project owners go by the most competitive pricing.  Not necessarily so.  “While Zarnas was competitive in their pricing, they were not the cheapest.   First, we had a history with them – we knew the quality of their work and the ability to complete the job on time.  That in essence saves money,” said power plant executive. 

Experience was another reason why G.C. Zarnas won the project.  With over 100 years in combined experience, G.C. Zarnas is one of a handful of industrial painting contractors who are SSPC QP1, QP2, QP8 and QS1 in the country.   And, being a PA-based contractor was attractive to Panda Liberty.   “As a contractor in our back yard, G.C. Zarnas can easily provide the resources and support to this multi-faceted project.”.

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