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“The PES Leadership Team of Philadelphia Energy Solutions asks that you continue to lead by example and to be a role model to our other contractors. We look forward to our continued partnership in our pursuit of safety excellence.”

Philadelphia Energy Solutions Refining and Marketing LLC

2023 Butz Construction Special Recognition Award

The G.C. Zarnas Concrete and Masonry Repair and Restoration and Industrial Divisions were honored to receive the 2023 Special Recognition Award from Butz Construction. As defined, this award is given to a company that has provided outstanding service to Alvin H. Butz, Inc.  Loyalty, responsiveness, consistency, and superior service or craftsmanship are the hallmarks of the Special Recognition Award recipient.


2018 Certificate of Appreciation

2018 Certificate of Appreciation, for outstanding service in preserving the Great War German 77mm Field Gun in Crozer Park, Chester, PA.

Best of Mid-Atlantic Construction

2008 Award of Merit Winner.  Projects are evaluated based on the project team ability to overcome challenges, contribution to construction industry innovation and best practice, community impact, safety, and construction and design quality

Air Products Leadership Award

Air Products, a world-leading industrial gases company, presents the Appreciation Award for Leadership and Workmanship to G.C. Zarnas.

2023 National Safety Council Award

G.C. Zarnas received the National Safety Council Award for completing 1 million consecutive work hours (2018-2023) without an occupational injury or illness resulting in days away from work.

Philadelphia Energy Solutions Certificate of Excellence

2015 Philadelphia Energy Solutions Certificate of Excellence, for achieving excellence in safety performance and completing the 2015 year with Zero OSHA Recordable Injuries.

Go Kahuna Gold Seal Service Certification

2015 Go Kahuna Gold Seal Service Certification, in recognition of the successful completion of all service certification requirements.

Hilton Baltimore Award of Excellence

2008 Award of Excellence Hilton Baltimore Convention Center Hotel.

2022 Turner Construction Leadership and Safety Award


A Culture of Safety and Active Caring Presented to G.C. Zarnas for Achieving Over 12,000 Incident-Free Man-Hours on the Air Products Global HQ Project


Sunoco Certificate of Excellence

2009 Sunoco Certificate of Excellence, for having achieved excellence in Safety Performance.

DuPont Safety Excellence Award

DuPont Project Safety Excellence Award, in Recognition of Outstanding Commitment to Safety Excellence, demonstrated at DuPont Chambers Works, DuPont Edgemoor and Wilmington.

Princeton University Valued Partner Recognition

Princeton University Valued Partner Recognition, Humphreys and Hardin, Inc., to ensuring the successful completion of the Humanities Center Renovation Project.