New Trainer Shop Coatings Facility

To complement a 70-plus-year tradition of excellence in heavy-duty industrial and commercial field painting, G.C. Zarnas & Company, Inc. operates a turnkey shop coatings and abrasive blast facility.

This value-added and time-saving service is designed to ensure lifelong protection of structures susceptible to highly corrosive environments. 

Our facility provides separate blast and coatings structures where our experienced craftspeople perform abrasive blast and coatings of structural steel, plates, piping and vessels designed for small and mid-size projects. 

By utilizing our services, you can schedule critically timed sub-trades in a paint free environment, while the surface preparation and coatings process is being conducted off site at our convenient operations just outside of Philadelphia off I-95.

For easy drop off and delivery, our site is also in close proximity to the Industrial Hub off the Delaware River where many of the nation’s largest refineries operate.

Our veteran shop team is well experienced to perform surface preparations including:

  • Slurry Abrasive Blast Cleaning
  • Wet Blast Cleaning
  • Sponge Abrasive Blast Cleaning
  • Vacuum Blast Cleaning
  • Chemical Stripping
  • High-Pressure Water Blast Cleaning
  • High-Pressure Water and Detergent Cleaning

Plus, we are highly qualified to apply various coating systems including epoxy linings, reinforced fiberglass linings, urethanes, silicone coatings, intumescent fireproofing and cementitious fireproofing.


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